Contest Winners



    Congrats to all of our winners going to see Bastille June 5th at the Anthem in DC!!


    Christina Thomas of Federalsburg, MD

    Stephanie Shannon of Quantico, MD

    Maddie Halloway of Berlin, MD

    Katherine Smith of Laurel, DE

    Amber Waller of Salisbury, MD




    Congrats to all of our winners who got their share of the 50K Giveaway! 

    The Coast Country 50K Giveaway is driven by Pohanka's Trucks Made EZ in Salisbury.

    Katelyn McNeal of Trappe, Maryland

    Debbie Ross of Sharptown, Maryland

    Chris Runde of Milton, Delaware

    Rachel Pomycala of Berlin, Maryland

    Jodi Foxwell of Cambridge, Maryland

    Paulette Brochet of Millsboro, Delaware

    Karen Straub of Salisbury, Maryland

    Dave Andrews of Salisbury, Maryland

    Tashieka Bell of Vienna, Maryland

    Pam Caitlin of Westover, Maryland

    Linda Disharoon of Delmar, Maryland

    Arthur Williams of Pittsville, Maryland

    Patty Watts of Trappe, Maryland

    Jeff Callahan of Trappe, Maryland

    Sue Hurley of Delmar, Delaware

    Ruth Sirman of Laurel, Delaware

    Will Vogel of Federalsburg, Maryland

    Mike Hauser of Milton, Delaware

    Jordan Williamson of Milton Delaware

    Mike Nicholson of Parsonsburg, Maryland

    Deanna States of Hurlock, Maryland

    Kathleen Willey of Linkwood, Maryland

    Mike Rideout of Cambridge, Maryland

    Tonya Farmer of Federalsburg, Maryland

    Gary Garvey of Wallops Island, Virginia

    Tiara Collins of Cambridge, Maryland

    Lathan Verry of Greenwood, Delaware

    Ernie Dennison of Delmar, Maryland

    Terri Collins of Ocean City, Maryland

    Wendy Simmons of East New Market, Maryland

    Steve Grogan of Salisbury, Maryland

    Linda Dawson of Cambridge Maryland

    Tony Steele of Dagsboro, Delaware

    Doris Lingo of Georgetown, Delaware

    Diana Rathell of East New Market, Maryland

    Thomas Price of Ocean Pines, Maryland

    Sheila Uncapher of Cambridge, Maryland

    Amy Worden of Delmar, Maryland

    Michelle Hughes of Madison, Maryland

    Ashlea Foxwell of Cambridge, Maryland

    Ida Twilley of Willards, Maryland

    Tina Kessler of Seaford, Delaware

    Ginger Miller of Pittsville, Maryland

    Amber Bell of Preston, Maryland

    Denise Moaney of Cambridge, Maryland

    Tamiko Collins of Cambridge, Maryland

    Andrew Parsons of Salsibury, Maryland

    Denis Whitmer of Secretary, Maryland

    Jenine Giansanti of Selbyville, Delaware

    Taylor Hershelman of Hurlock, Maryland

    Tina Weber of Cambridge, Maryland

    LeeAnn Vreeland of Snowhill, Maryland

    Kenny Kelly of Salisbury, Maryland

    Mary Outten of Selbyville, Delaware

    Debbie Esser of East New Market, Maryland

    Michael Bell of Hurlock, Maryland

    Amanda Fuhrman of Hurlock, Maryland

    Becky Harris of Greensboro, Maryland

    George Godwin of Georgetown, Delaware

    Darcelle Mann of Cambridge, Maryland

    Carol Lane of Church Creek, Maryland

    Jody Gray of Salisbury, Maryland

    Lori Mansfield of Princess Ann, Maryland

    Phoenix Spicer of Church Creek, Maryland

    Jennifer Antypas of Ocean Pines, Maryland

    Chela Hernandez of Cambridge, Maryland

    Jane Kelly-Johnson of Selbyville, Delaware

    Joel Wolff of Bridgeville, Delaware

    Alan Eigenbrode of Trappe, Maryland

    Betsy Baker of Selbyville, Delaware

    Julie Johnson of Selbyville, Delaware

    Mark Bratten of Salisbury, Maryland

    Marilyn Lynch of Frankford, Delaware





    Congrats to all of our Winners who won 3 pounds of Shrimp from the Shrimp Boat!

    Richard J. Hinman of Allen, Maryland

    Chris Brown of Seaford, Delaware

    Desiree McGinnis of Salisbury, Maryland

    Christine Veto of Salisbury, Maryland

    Emily Ftaley of Ocean City, Maryland

    Rachel Pomycala of Berlin, Maryland

    Denise Sampson of Salisbury, Maryland

    Raven Stark of Seaford, Delaware

    Sharon Webster of Millsboro, Delaware

    Crystal Foot of Salisbury, Maryland

    Jean Ward of Delmar, Maryland

    Brook Hudson of Delmar, Delaware

    Chris Mumford of Mardela Springs, Maryland

    Monty Twilley of Willards, Maryland

    Preston D. Mitchell of Salisbury, Maryland

    Jake Zadnik of Ocean City, Maryland

    Tammy Clark of Berlin, Maryland

    Kellie Patton of Mardela Springs, Maryland

    Linda Timmons of Bethel, Delaware

    Joseph Kerr of Fruitland, Maryland

    David Bunting of Ocean View, Delaware

    Barbara Brannock of Delmar, Maryland

    Todd Lowe of Bethel, Delaware

    Tonya Farmer of Cambridge, Maryland

    April Taylor of Millsboro, Delaware

    Kevin Baker of Delmar, Maryland

    Julie Hirsch of Salisbury, Maryland

    Robin Horvath of Delmar, Delaware

    Wayne Seaton of Willards, Maryland

    Tammy Lankford of Seaford, Delaware

    Mark Kelley of Delmar, Maryland

    Todd Woods of Pocomoke, Maryland





    Congrats to all of our Jimmy Buffet Winners!

    Judy Brittingham of Delmar, Delaware

    Corey Berry of Easton, Maryland

    Casey Higgins of Easton, Maryland

    Cheyenne Feearce of Salisbury, Maryland

    Matt Kline of Salisbury, Maryland


    Congrats to all of our Outlaw Music Festival winners! 

    Stacy Smith of Ocean City, Maryland

    Mike Lebe of Seaford, Delaware

    Dean Townsend of Salisbury, Maryland

    Glenn Johnson of Selbyville, Delaware

    Vernon Webb of Cambridge, Maryland




    Congrats to all of our winners for Rockville or Bust!

    Sam Thomas of Georgetown, Delaware

    Brian McCleaf of Bridgeville, Delaware

    Chris Mumford of Mardela Springs, Maryland

    Rose Driscoll of Parsonsburg, Maryland

    Steve Clark of Berlin, Maryland

    Alisha Nicewarner of Berlin, Maryland

    Pam Rhoads of Bishopville, Maryland

    Taylor Mcmahan of Salisbury, Maryland




    Congrats to our Shinedown Winners!

    Keshon Veney of Parksley, Virginia

    Shawna Whitby of Preston, Maryland

    Billie Helmick of Millsboro, Delaware




    Charles O'Brien of Millsboro, Delaware

    Vicky Green of Berlin, Maryland

    Mark Bratten of Salisbury, Maryland

    Amber Bell of Preston, Maryland



  • Alan Eigenbrode of Trappe, Maryland

    Hailie Catlett of Linkwood, Maryland

    Paul Till of Bishopville, Maryland

    Chris Banks of Mardela Springs, Maryland



  • Brian Holliday of Cambridge, Maryland

    Michael Cantine of Ocean City, Maryland




    Carol Taylor-Westover, MD

    Don Howell-Princess Anne, MD

    Ronald Tarr-Eden, MD

    Mary Alice McCarthy-Nassau, DE

    James Booth-Earlville, MD

    Sheila Hudson-Greenwood, DE

    Bonnie Frate-Princess Anne, MD

    Cody Britton-Chincoteague, VA




    Steve Hall of Hebron, Maryland

    James Reich of Lewes, Delaware

    Madison Evick of Georgetown, Delaware

    Ronald Tarr of Eden, Maryland



  • Congrats to our Paul McCartney winners!

    Susanne Shepard of Easton, MD

    Sherrine Davis of Millsboro, DE

    Congrats to our winners heading to see Keith Urban! 
    Wendy Simmons of East New Market, MD
    Lathan Verry of Greenwood, DE
    Ernie Dennison of Delmar, MD
    Patty Watts of Trappe, MD
    Crystal Wyatt of Cambridge, MD

    Congrats to all of our OC PBR Classic Winners!

    Linda Disharoon of Delmar, MD

    Scott Mitchell of Millsboro, DE

    Shelley Sherman of Rhodesdale, MD

    Bruce Bennett of Seaford, DE

    Kimberly Tobat of East New Market, MD

    Lori Mansfield of Princess Anne, MD



  • Dori Weber of Cambridge, MD

    Angela Aspland of East New Market, MD

    Lori Pierce of Snow Hill, MD

    Ashlea Foxwell of Cambridge, MD

    Kyle Powell of Cambridge, MD

    Tony Steele of Dagsboro, DE

    Shelia Uncapher of Cambridge, MD

    Jill Burton of Delmar, DE



  • Leslie Barry of Delmar, MD

    Judy Brittingham of Delmar, DE

    Jessica Anthony of Denton, MD

    Ryan McNamara of Dover, DE

    Carroll Nicholson of Salisbury, MD

    Bob Krauss of Millsboro, DE

    Alisha Nicewarner of Berlin, MD

    Hannah Jones of Westover, MD

    Deborah Kuscavage of Snow Hill, MD

    Kelley Holloway of Parsonsburg, MD

    Julie Johnson of Selbyville, DE

    Trenton Wells of Salisbury, MD

    Devon Corbin of Princess Anne, MD

    Deborah Stubblebine of Berlin, MD







    Greg Brittingham of Seaford, DE

    Ben Hubbard of Vienna, MD

    Rebecca Webre of Berlin, MD

    Michelle Hughes of Madison, MD





    Jeff Callahan of Trappe, MD

    Jennifer Antypas of Ocean Pines, MD

    Jennifer Shaw of Trappe, MD

    Michelle Webster of Delmar, MD





    Joseph McCarthy of Salisbury, MD

    Cindy McFarland of Lewes, DE

    Karl Habig of Delmar, DE 

    Robert Anger of Bethel, DE

    Steven Condilis of Berlin, MD





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    Chelsea Cheek - Seaford, DE

    Chris Staley - Ocean City, MD

    Joe Zadnik - Ocean City, MD

    Leslie Barry - Delmar, MD

    Tessa Leonard - Laurel, DE 


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    Robert O'Day - Salisbury, MD

    Jennifer Parson - Salisbury, MD

    Marissa Scarborough - Delmar, DE


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    Kristin Dun - Millsboro, DE

    Paige Primrose - Chincoteague, VA

    Brian Aikin - Queenstown, MD

    Scott Bradford - Salisbury, MD